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January 26, 2011

Made a bunch of changes to the website. Removed some junk code and tweaked some other.

Page at!/pages/Blues-Car-Audio/151069361596728?v=wall looks much better.

I’ve lost my login to wordpress. Hoping to move the news page to wordpress once I remember what it is.

*got it*

I might be drunk or extremely tired. I’m ready to sseleep.


The gross indecancy of what a world we live in.

January 23, 2011

You see people on the news, on the street, in your family reunions that share one thing in common; Their medioric rise is often on the back of another loving person who will never regain use of that back, that they will continue to find backs and shirts to ride up on, and then they are the ones who take a hand up to do greatness.

I’m back in a position where I don’t know if my role in this world is good or bad. It’s again, different. When I try to do things like people before me I find myself lacking execution or timing, or luck. The result is I “look” like a “next big thing person”. When in all reality I am so conservative and against those schemes I cannot fathom how one would look upon me with such disdain.

My wife assures me that I won’t go real hungry, my education says I won’t go bored, and the government says I won’t go un sheltered. Currently none of that is remotely likely. But, I am the person that see a few steps ahead of the game and I play for that move to check mate rather than for a chance to capture a pawn. Pawns are nice and all, but not a living or career.

Now I have my car audio company. It’s a phenomenal place where we build simple functional products that last. It may be my next full course or not. We need customers that have seen, met, or heard us to go to their high end dealers and ask for us. You tell us who should carry our product and where you and your friends will buy product. That relationship can resolve itself on its own. We just need YOU to want it.

FYI CES was killer. A bit short on actual contracts, but lots of good potentials, several spies we rooted out and showed them the good times anyway, and a ton of people that have press presence enough to get our name out there. I know of two marketing meetings where we were in the center of the discussion the next day.

Mmmmm Yahhh. Doing my job!