Crunch time for USAC finals in Shreveport

We have 6 trucks invited to finals. One will actually be in our booth. The other 5 will be in the SQ area. I’ve spent the last week building a booth to go in the vendoor area. We’ll have component sets, woofers, and maybe a big surprise or two. An old favorite in our product line is in the works for an update. As usual we have someone here in Tulsa actually doing some skilled work instead of having it done in China. Ray and the crew have been working 18 hour days to get vehicles in top form. They are all done for the stereo systems. They are just nit picking the vehicles to look good. Shame that actually matters for SQ competition.

Vegas is nearing. I need to pick a hotel and get a room and a suite. We’ll be demoing Blues components in our suite. Rumor is that the infamous Jeri Mccord will have 1-2 prototype amps ready for CES. This means Linear Power will have a real actual NEW product to sell next year. No selling amps that were built from new old stock. No refurbishing and repairing amps. We are going to have a new Linear Power amp next year and it’s an absolutely amazing thing!


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