Wordpress for Blackberry?

I guess you can’t use the WordPress for Blackberry application without GPS being enabled. It may be the “gub’mnt is gonna get me” person inside me screaming here. I don’t think I like the idea of my posts having GPS data attached to them. After what Adam Savage had happen I think I’ll avoid geotagging type stuff. Read: iPhones geotag your pics and the meta data gets shared WITH the picture. Hello, world. Look at my new car in my driveway of my house!

More crap from Microsoft. To keep our partner status (again) we have to get some new certs and update some old ones. Apparently I have to start down one of the server cert paths. Shit, I did the XP cert just as a temp fix and I’m suckered into more certs. <6 months after passing the XP test it is obsolete. Yay!

Question of the week: What do I replace my Blackberry 8330 with? I’m leaning to an HTC Desire since I use US Cellular. I’m still deciding on the whole “is Google dangerous” question. Android looks pretty pimp so far.


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