They call me “Big Stig”. My skinny British cousin is a daft wanker.

Seriously? Ben Collins had to make a big deal out of being the Stig so he could pay for his special shoes. He hasn’t ruined the mystique of the Stig but has made himself look like a tool.

On better news we have a growing list of dealers. Once I read the newest signed contracts I’ll get their names and addresses up on the dealers page.

Final thought of the night: Surviving the Cut on the Discovery Channel is a must see. Whiney liberal activist types that disrespect our military should be made to watch what hell these heros endure just to become the low man on the totem pole. Stop and clap when you see them in airports, buy them lunch at McDonalds, give them your reverence. These men trade their blood for your right to disrespect them.


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