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Blues website is up

July 4, 2010

It’s still crude but it covers what you need to know. We have product, pricing, specs, contact info, etc on there. This stuff is incredibly life like. Haters running their mouths about how we are too cocky trying to box in the same ring with big names; bring it bitchs! Of our main competition I only respect the work of one. Their 3 way sounds like our two way but it costs several hundred more and doesn’t have the solid low end we have. I won’t mention their name, but will say I’d be proud to know we were actually in competition with a legendary name such as them.

Price isn’t our competition, sound quality is. We’ve cleaned house at every competition this year. I’m waiting on a few details to put on the site still. But, I think we had four first place and two second place finishes at Scrapin the Coast. SQ competitors watch your backs. We’re coming for your trophies.

Dealers: You want in on this you contact Ray Rayfield. He’ll get you setup as a dealer (again).

Steve Carnahan

Blues Car Audio / Linear Power, Inc.


A day spent blowing up stuff

July 4, 2010

It’s a yearly tradition that my wife and I attend (and help host) a fireworks display at a friends RV park for July 4th. This year we kinda ended up with other plans. So we went down a day early. I got some tools back I needed this week, they set off some small stuff, I got to shoot my new Remington 870 Express shotgun. It’s a win/win type thing.

Lets say this: Short barreled home defense shotgun with a synthetic stock firing 12 awg #4 kicks like a donkey. My shoulder will be sore. Unfortunately I found out the gun needs a good deburring and fitting in some places. Cheap Winchester ammo actually jammed the action by expanding in the barrel and preventing the breach block from coming out of lockup. The big picture problem is the ammo, not the burrs we found. I’ll debur everything further and blue it. But cheap ammo just won’t suffice.

Thus is gun ownership I guess. Great fun to shoot either way.