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Stupid Microsoft stuff

March 31, 2010

My (daytime) company has to have someone with a MCSE/MCSA cert and a person with desktop MCP to keep our Certified Partner status. Well, we have an MCSE, guess who found out 22 days before we had to renew that he has to pass an MCP Cert test? Yeah this sucks. I’ve spent the last week preparing for this crap while juggling normal duties and my brain hurts. Let’s say this: I was always against MS Certs as a quantifier of knowledge. Now I know why. On the practice tests I have missed questions because I answered the “most likely” scenario incorrectly. Yes, it was a most likely scenario and there is no reason given as to why I would think it is more likely than my answer. Just “It is”. I hate to hurt their feelings but I’m not even sure their “most likely” answer is possible. WTF?


How I hate the word “just”

March 11, 2010

At work my salesman are notorious for saying “I just need you to fix this one little thing”. Anytime a salesman uses the word just there is a long road in your future.

Now I’m trying to perfect the process of moving a forum from phpbb2 to phpbb3. That damn word has popped up again. You JUST remove this and that from the sql file and restore via the web interface. I’ve tried a couple times for over a year to get this thing to work. Now I’m starting to think I need to upload the sql files directly into MySQL via a frontend like phpmyadmin. I like simple solutions, really.

How sad am I?

March 6, 2010

You’d think as an “IT Profesional” I would be on top of all the greatest IT stuff. Well, people seem to think I should. I’ve been reading blogs since they first crept out of the dark recesses of the internet. Yet I’ve never had one till now. Like I said before; I view this as a selfish medium.

Tonight while working on website mastery I realized I needed to keep everyone up to date on my life. Since no one has viewed this blog yet that should be fairly quick.

Sad but true it took me a few minutes to even figure out how to add to the blog. In the process I found the “blog by email” button. OMG I CAN EMAIL TO A BLOG?!?!?!?!wtf? I’m sure I can do it from my Blackberry too. But I am the one person in 500 bazillion crackberry users that is not addicted to the thing.

So back to my selfish endeavors. I started learning html almost 15 years ago. My work reflects this era of learning. The best table I have created for the technical page was created from an Excel spreadsheet saved as an html page and hacked out of the 8 files created. Now I have an html file and a css file. Yeah I found where to change the font colors. But I don’t have any idea what the rest of that crap is so don’t ask me.

Fortunately I’ll have product to sell in less than two weeks. This means I have to finish the damn website and tons of other piddly things you need to sell speakers. Did I mention I don’t have time for this?