Mandatory post whether I needed to or not.

February 11, 2012

Stupid iPod doesn’t have a period on the normal text keyboard So to use a period on my post I have to click to another alternate keyboard In protest I’m not using periods in the post

Now to useful info I need to work out a way to allow someone to post and delete items from a blog via an iPhone I’d love to use wordpress for this but I don’t think it likes being an add on and not the primary site software

I’ve seen people doing it in iframes but it seems to be a real hack to get it there Then you may have problems when you try to update the software and it tries to unhack everything

For the record I don’t use an iphone this iPod is the only Apple device I own and its primary use is iPhone browser simulation



Need to sleep

November 16, 2011

My best work comes late at night. But I think I’m past that tonight. Got quotes back on heatsinks. Price and lead times are good. I’m 99% done with new power block design. Essentially I took a DPS block and enlarged it from 6awg wire to 4awg wire. I still need to get quotes on pcb house to stuff the smt parts. I refuse to do smt by hand in production qty. From the time all supplies are ordered to shipping product I’m expecting 6-8 weeks. This should put us shipping Feb or March.

Btw, woot Tommy.

For the record

May 25, 2011

Brandon is a creepy stalker. That is all.

Thank you and goodnight.


January 26, 2011

Made a bunch of changes to the website. Removed some junk code and tweaked some other.

Page at!/pages/Blues-Car-Audio/151069361596728?v=wall looks much better.

I’ve lost my login to wordpress. Hoping to move the news page to wordpress once I remember what it is.

*got it*

I might be drunk or extremely tired. I’m ready to sseleep.

The gross indecancy of what a world we live in.

January 23, 2011

You see people on the news, on the street, in your family reunions that share one thing in common; Their medioric rise is often on the back of another loving person who will never regain use of that back, that they will continue to find backs and shirts to ride up on, and then they are the ones who take a hand up to do greatness.

I’m back in a position where I don’t know if my role in this world is good or bad. It’s again, different. When I try to do things like people before me I find myself lacking execution or timing, or luck. The result is I “look” like a “next big thing person”. When in all reality I am so conservative and against those schemes I cannot fathom how one would look upon me with such disdain.

My wife assures me that I won’t go real hungry, my education says I won’t go bored, and the government says I won’t go un sheltered. Currently none of that is remotely likely. But, I am the person that see a few steps ahead of the game and I play for that move to check mate rather than for a chance to capture a pawn. Pawns are nice and all, but not a living or career.

Now I have my car audio company. It’s a phenomenal place where we build simple functional products that last. It may be my next full course or not. We need customers that have seen, met, or heard us to go to their high end dealers and ask for us. You tell us who should carry our product and where you and your friends will buy product. That relationship can resolve itself on its own. We just need YOU to want it.

FYI CES was killer. A bit short on actual contracts, but lots of good potentials, several spies we rooted out and showed them the good times anyway, and a ton of people that have press presence enough to get our name out there. I know of two marketing meetings where we were in the center of the discussion the next day.

Mmmmm Yahhh. Doing my job!

You know how this works

November 29, 2010

I work forever and never get to updating this. Who doesn’t? We have 5 ¼” component sets, 6 ½” component sets, 8” component sets, 8” and 10” subs.

What you don’t know is we are waiting on proto boards to come back for building some full bore prototype 150W X 2 full range class AB amps. They’ll be between 9 and 12 inches long. I “think” they are actually 9 3/8” long. is still the old site but you can get info on old stuff for now.

Crunch time for USAC finals in Shreveport

October 10, 2010

We have 6 trucks invited to finals. One will actually be in our booth. The other 5 will be in the SQ area. I’ve spent the last week building a booth to go in the vendoor area. We’ll have component sets, woofers, and maybe a big surprise or two. An old favorite in our product line is in the works for an update. As usual we have someone here in Tulsa actually doing some skilled work instead of having it done in China. Ray and the crew have been working 18 hour days to get vehicles in top form. They are all done for the stereo systems. They are just nit picking the vehicles to look good. Shame that actually matters for SQ competition.

Vegas is nearing. I need to pick a hotel and get a room and a suite. We’ll be demoing Blues components in our suite. Rumor is that the infamous Jeri Mccord will have 1-2 prototype amps ready for CES. This means Linear Power will have a real actual NEW product to sell next year. No selling amps that were built from new old stock. No refurbishing and repairing amps. We are going to have a new Linear Power amp next year and it’s an absolutely amazing thing!

phpBB is killing me!

September 16, 2010

I hate it when you plan something and something breaks right before you are ready. Then your time table is pushed up and you’re under more pressure than you wanted. One of my forum servers died, again. So I’m moving the whole thing to a shared host without a live installation to look at for reference. If it wasn’t for phpMyadmin I’d be in over my head.

WordPress for Blackberry?

September 8, 2010

I guess you can’t use the WordPress for Blackberry application without GPS being enabled. It may be the “gub’mnt is gonna get me” person inside me screaming here. I don’t think I like the idea of my posts having GPS data attached to them. After what Adam Savage had happen I think I’ll avoid geotagging type stuff. Read: iPhones geotag your pics and the meta data gets shared WITH the picture. Hello, world. Look at my new car in my driveway of my house!

More crap from Microsoft. To keep our partner status (again) we have to get some new certs and update some old ones. Apparently I have to start down one of the server cert paths. Shit, I did the XP cert just as a temp fix and I’m suckered into more certs. <6 months after passing the XP test it is obsolete. Yay!

Question of the week: What do I replace my Blackberry 8330 with? I’m leaning to an HTC Desire since I use US Cellular. I’m still deciding on the whole “is Google dangerous” question. Android looks pretty pimp so far.

They call me “Big Stig”. My skinny British cousin is a daft wanker.

September 1, 2010

Seriously? Ben Collins had to make a big deal out of being the Stig so he could pay for his special shoes. He hasn’t ruined the mystique of the Stig but has made himself look like a tool.

On better news we have a growing list of dealers. Once I read the newest signed contracts I’ll get their names and addresses up on the dealers page.

Final thought of the night: Surviving the Cut on the Discovery Channel is a must see. Whiney liberal activist types that disrespect our military should be made to watch what hell these heros endure just to become the low man on the totem pole. Stop and clap when you see them in airports, buy them lunch at McDonalds, give them your reverence. These men trade their blood for your right to disrespect them.